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Thursday, 3 November 2016
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OIL EXTRACTION MACHINE operation and yield condition analysis
You may ask, is there any relation between oil extraction machine yield and different condition
The Oil Extraction Machine wearing parts should be changed in time. Each lubrication part should prevent dust and other impurities intrusion. Each year we should check the engine oil quality of the reducer casing. If it goes bad, we should change all of the engine oil. This is quite important in sunflower seed oil solvent extraction machine usage rules.
2. We should establish the criterion of “Goods Quality Is the First”for sunflower Oil Extraction Machine usage rules. No quality, no market value. No quality, no market. No quality, no profit. No quality, no life. Therefore, try to ensure quality, yield, safety and low energy consumption. Try to improve extraction rate and yield rate on the base of good quality.
First, corn kernels grinding degree. During Oil Extraction Machine operation, with roll clearance decreasing and grinding area length increasing, the effective grinding teeth of the high speed roll becomes more and the grinding degree is improved. But the unit flow of the grinding machine will be reduced relatively.
Second, the height of the grinding teeth. In Oil Extraction Machine grinding, with grinding teeth wearing, the grinding teeth may not easily catch the material. And the sliding on the grinding roll surface will be strengthened. The corn kernels movement speed in the grinding area will be lowered. Due to the smaller and smaller grinding teeth height, the material between the two grinding teeth gap will reduce and also make the Oil Extraction Machine yield reduce.
Third, the moisture content of the raw corn material. Too high moisture content in the corn may cause low corn flour yield.
Fourth, the grinding capacity. After several sections of grinding, the endosperm is scraped gradually. And the corn kernels unit weight is reduced. The unit flow of the Oil Extraction Machine will also be reduced.